Our Community


Welcome to Owen.

Speak to a local and they will tell you they cannot imagine not living here.

Inspired by the peaceful environment of our unspoilt, rural surrounds Owen is a place of country values, simple authenticity, and personal connections.

Living in a small town like Owen is a way of life. It is what we love to do and is extremely rewarding.

The opportunity to raise a family in the country is amazing, especially seeing the kids grow up within the community.

With it comes shared responsibility and challenges. Owen is built on a legacy.

We have a great appreciation for past generations, family legacies and what they did for Owen.

It is our turn. We are the current custodians, entrusted to make a difference.

Our focus is building on Owen’s legacy to protect, maintain and improve the community for future generations so they can continue to have the same opportunities and benefits.

Our connection to community is strong. Volunteering, being involved and having a positive impact is always on our mind.

We are proud, passionate, and remarkably self-sufficient people known for our dependability and resourcefulness.

Owen is open for you to enjoy and relax. The locals love a chat.

We are just down the road, a world away within the hour. Our wish during your time here is that you embrace our culture, interact with us, and make new connections.

We look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.


Take a Break.


We’re just down the road, a world away within the hour.
Accommodation, things to see and do, natural attractions, local industry, history and cultural heritage, and places to eat.
A short break in Owen is the perfect spot for a leisurely drive exploring the Central North.
No matter in which direction you explore, we guarantee you'll uncover something new, something unique, something interesting and something unexpected.

See you soon.